My journey in the field of Photography

Since I was in school i started Photography. My father had purchased a low-end film camera. It used to work fine in good lighting conditions, but the quality of photos used to degrade after sunset. However still i used it for many special occasions with both good and bad quality photographs. At that time my understanding was, a good camera makes you a good photographer and I was not knowing that Photography is an art and it can be learnt and practiced to improve the photo quality.

As time passed by and i got into my job as Automotive electronics engineer, i thought of purchasing a new digital camera, as the world had moved from film cameras to compact digital point and shoot cameras, so not to remain behind of fast-moving world, i also purchased a new Sony W120 Cybershot in year 2008. The picture quality of this camera is also amazing. But still i didn’t have full control on my photos, i was not aware of the three main factors (ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed) which can be controlled and can help to enhance the photo quality. And so still with a digital camera photo quality used to vary as per the lighting conditions. But still i managed to get around 2000 photos from this camera as now i was in digital world with 2GB memory card without any worried about film cost.

As the life moved on, I got to know about the DSLR camera and saw many people are using it with very good image quality. In year 2015 again I thought to update my camera with a DSLR – Digital Single Lens Reflex Mirror camera and purchased Nikon D5100. But still i had a question, whether my photography will improve or still i will have to struggle with light and scenic locations. I tried few clicks as usual in the Auto mode, with improved image quality, but still the images didn’t have that look and feel of a professional photograph. But now as i had spent a good amount of money so my target was to make every effort to improve my photography skills and pull up my photographs to a professional level. In the mean time i saw some ads from Nikon school and other photography groups and thought that, if i have purchased such an expensive camera then why not to invest some time in photography classes and workshops. And then i joined few workshops organised by Nikon and then practiced independently and along with new friends to whom i had met in Nikon classes. And after understanding the concepts and relationship of ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed and rules of composition, it feels that i have learnt a lot in last few years. Still i am not an expert photographer, but now i know what mistakes i am making and where i have to improve. I know that to get a sharp, crisp, mind-blowing image with WOW factor, lot of trials, creativity and patience is required.

Photography is a long journey with a mix of every thing, you have to know your camera well, you have to be disciplined (Sun can’t wait for you to wake up, you have to reach prior to Sunrise), you have to be patient for a perfect shot. I am enjoying this journey and still a lot to travel, but what I can say is that I have moved ahead in photography at least from that point where i was few years back.

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