Paris – Fashion, Romance, Love

Paris is the Fashion capital of world and is also famous for love and romance. Fortunately I had a good time of 3 weeks in Cergy which is an industrial area around 35Kms from Paris. I spend almost 3 weekends in the city of Paris, traveling on feet passing through very beautiful artistic places. If you are in Paris then you must visit the Eiffel tower. The beauty of Eiffel gets enhanced with thousands of glittering lights after Sunset. You can see the beautiful reflections of Eiffel in Seine river, and when the white light glitters on top of yellow background then its a breathtaking moment.

The white light glitters for a second or two and to capture this image with all glittering lights on i had to make multiple attempts. Unfortunately i hadn’t carried my Tripod to Paris, and after seeing this view, the first thing came in my mind is that how i can forget my Tripod. If i had used the Tripod then the image could have been more sharp, crispy with reduced blur at the bottom of image.

Photo details for the image featured on top:

Aperture – F/5; ISO – 250; Exposure – 1/2 secs

To overcome the low lighting conditions i had to adjust with an aperture of F/5 (which cost me loss of sharpness), and also had to adjust the exposure to 1/2 secs which introduced the camera shake, which is visible at bottom portion of the image.

View of Eiffel from Trocadero


Photo details :

Aperture – F/7.1; ISO – 100; Exposure – 1/400 secs

Managed to get a descent sharp photo with F/7.1, however the aperture should be between F/8 to F/13.

A Frame in Frame photo of Eiffel from Trocadero.


Photo details :

Aperture – F/4.5; ISO – 100; Exposure – 1/1000secs

Most common mistakes of photography, not to set the three main factors (ISO, Aperture and Exposure) of a photo correctly. The ideal aperture for Landscape photograph is between F/8 to F/13.

Nostradamus church


Photo details :

Aperture – F/5.6; ISO – 125; Exposure – 1/20 secs

Sometime to get good exposure, we have to take chances and do some trade-off with sharpness and exposure. At F/5.6 the sharpness gets degraded, and with 1/20 secs exposure there is high possibility of camera shake for handheld shot.

Arc de Triomphe


Photo details :

Aperture – F/3.5; ISO – 125; Exposure – 1/200 secs

This photo was shot in heavily overcast condition, so to overcome low lights, aperture was kept wide open at F/3.5 at 18mm.


Photo details :

Aperture – F/7.1; ISO – 125; Exposure – 1/60secs

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