Wari – A journey towards divinity

Wari is an annual pilgrimage to Pandharpur, which starts somewhere in mid of June and ends in the first or second week of July according to the schedule as per Hindu calendar. Pandharpur is the place of Hindu god Vithoba (Vithhal). The pilgrimage starts from two places Dehu and Alandi located near Pune (A city in state of Maharashtra in India). The palkhi (palanquin procession) of Saint Tukaram is carried from Dehu to Pandharpur and the palkhi of Saint Dyaneshwar is carried from Alandi to Pandharpur. The journey of around 220 Km is done on feet and is completed in 21 days. The Warkaris (pilgrims) completes the whole journey with singing, chanting and praying names of Lord Vithhal and saint Tukaram Maharaj and saint Dyaneshwar Maharaj.




Watch the following video for few glimpses of activities of Warkaris during this period-

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