In the vicinity of Pune

As the Monsoon season is on, so our photography group decided to travel to Loahgad (A hill fort around 52Km from Pune) to have some beautiful clicks of Loahgad fort in the midst of heavy rains and cloud cover. We started our journey at 6AM in the morning, the rain was on throughout the journey. We stopped midway to have some breakfast and a sip of hot Tea in the cold weather. Though the atmosphere was very good to enjoy with heavy rains all the way, but we also had a fear whether we would be able to pull out cameras in such heavy rains or not. After having our breakfast, we continued our journey and reached near the base village of Loahgad. We decided to park our vehicle at the village parking and then roam around. Just 200 mtrs from the parking was a very big beautiful Waterfall and as we reached early so it was very less crowded. We found a small abandoned stall (may be a Tea shop or Corn stall), to get a shelter and mount our camera to have some clicks. As the rain was pouring heavily and the wind was very much powerful to blow our Umbrellas, so it was a very hard time to click some pics. However with the support of group, providing Umbrella shelter to each other we managed to get some clicks and also with God’s grace rain used to pause for short duration. After spending around 1hr at the Waterfall we hired a Tempo to go at the foot steps of Loahgad fort which was around 5-6Kms from the village. But at the top the rain and wind showed us their real power, the clouds were so dense that visibility was very low, so we had only few clicks at the top and decided to return from their to our next location. The Visapur fort is a neighboring fort to Loahgad which can be seen on left on the way to Loahgad, and it also looks awesome in the cloud covers. However our next location was towards Khandi village from Kanhe phata so we returned back to base village and continued our journey to next location. The road from Kanhe village towards Khandi was very beautiful with green Paddy fields surrounded by hills and water falls. We spend around 2 hrs roaming in the Paddy fields and the nearby water falls and around 4:30 PM we decided to return back to Pune. The journey for both the locations was awesome, and refreshing. You can also give a try, the Loahgad fort is bit hard for kids and senior citizens but the picturesque view of Kanhe to Khandi is easily approachable on a two wheeler or four wheeler.


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