Deepawali(Festival of lights) – An important festival for Indian economy

India is blessed with lot of festivals throughout the year. Festivals are though tightly stitched with religion but they also have a strong impact on Indian economy, or we can say that the festivals are so well placed as a part of religion so that they can be a soul part of the Indian economy.

Festivals not only keeps a cheerful environment but it also keeps economy moving. If you go and observe the Deepawali market then you can see that every type of item whether those are new clothes, flowers, cracker or decorative materials all have a valuable place.
The holy rituals which are followed during the Lakshmi poojan give equal importance to small elements like Betel nut, Betel leaves,cotton wick for lamps, brooms, Sugar canes, sweets along with the expensive silver and gold jewellery (the list is endless).

The festivals provide employment to many small industries along with travel operators and logistic suppliers. So enjoy the festivals with your family, purchase new things to decorate your home and contribute towards Indian economy with happiness.

I have compiled these images in my album from this year and last year to show the beauty of Deepawali. If you are an Indian national then you must be knowing the stories behind Deepawali celebration. And if you are an international reader then i invite you to our country to celebrate this beautiful festival of lights celebrated in between October end and mid of November as per Hindu calendar.


Wish you and your loved ones a very happy Deepawali !!

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