An exciting trip to Della Adventure and Della Resorts

Night view of Della Resort

The outings are important to rejuvenate oneself. The outings provide a way to stay away from daily routine, to relax and to bring back the creativity in life.

It’s being a long time since I shared my travel story last time after UK travel. Since then everyone faced a very tough time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately many people lost their loved ones, many suffered losses in different forms. But if we are able to pass through such tough time then we need to be really grateful to the god.

Moving forward to the travel story, as I shared with you that I live in Pune and being living in Pune provides a lot of opportunities to go close to the nature whenever needed. Not only the natural beauty but there are lot of beautiful resorts nearby Pune to spend good time with nature along with the family.

The Della resorts is one such place which was in our bucket list from long time. The resort is located near Lonavala and Khandala, it is on the way to picturesque Rajmachi fort in Kunhe village. Not only the Della resorts but the whole area is full of breathtaking views. If you have gone through my story related to my trip to Rajmachi fort of few years back then you can take a glimpse of beautiful nature in rainy season.

But the planning for Della resorts was not that easy, the cost was one major factor which was holding us back, and more than the cost it was the mindset which was the biggest hurdle . For a long time I was evaluating is it really worth to go to Della resorts at such a high cost that too for one night stay. Though I had visited Della adventure park twice with a day pass and had a good experience there. And after some thoughts we finally decided to go there on our anniversary to get the experience of their hospitality. Many things can’t be evaluated just based on someone else’s reviews, so we decided to have our own experience. We searched multiple sites and got a good deal from

The Della resorts is located around 60Kms from Pune and takes around 90mins to reach there by old Mumbai-Pune highway without halt and depending on traffic situation.

I Love Della Adventure

We left by car around 10:30AM from home and reached there by 1PM after couple of halts. We checked in to the resort and left our luggage there. Instead of going in to the room we first went to the adventure park. As I mentioned I had been to adventure park couple of times so the activities were not new for me, however it was the first time for my wife Prerna and my daughter Dyuti.

After collecting the day pass from adventure park ticket counter, we went directly in to action. Prerna launched herself into the action with Rocket launcher activity which was really adventurous and scary.

The Rocket Launcher

Then we went for Flying fox, Zorbing, Horse riding and other activities.

As our stomach started to make grueling sounds, we thought to have food in the Parsi restaurant.

To optimize the food cost in the restaurant its better to purchase the food coupons online from Della adventure site. However all the coupons can be used only at any one restaurant available there.

After satisfying the needs of stomach, now it was the fun time for Dyuti to get engaged with cute dogs. She got Chinu to play with, it was a cute, calm white dog and Dyuti was very excited to play with it. And then we got Kush which was though small and cute but very much energetic and aggressive. And she also found some cute small kids to play with.

She also got to interact with a clown first in the reception area and later near the restaurant.

Afterwards we went to have a Kullhad of Tandoori chai, which was quiet impressive. And then followed by Fish spa and Rifle shooting.

As the Sun went down and lights started to turned on the mesmerizing beauty of the Della adventure premises and the Della resorts started to appear.

The outside area was mesmerizingly beautiful with lot of palm and coconut trees and the stunningly beautiful light decorations.

Now it was the time to enter the room and experience the beauty and hospitality provided by the Della Resorts.

After getting refreshed in the room we went out to have dinner in the Italian restaurant Della Villa Bistro.

The pictures themselves can explain the beauty of this place.

We liked the live music performance and I was impressed by the work ethic of the performers, in the whole restaurant we were the only guests but this didn’t had an impact on their performance. As a gesture of appreciation I went all the way down towards stage to greet them.

I also had a short chit chat with the person who was serving us. I tried to understand about what are the problems they face everyday in this business. After having a good short discussion I came to know few interesting things about the person and this industry. He suggested us some of the best Italian cuisines to go for and we ordered the same.

And when I shared the information about our anniversary with the service person then for our surprise he arranged a cake with decorations, and that was a very interesting, wonderful event for us.

The food quality was good, however I felt the portion size was at smaller size which can be improved.

One of the interesting thing which attracted my eyes was the Della Leaders Club section in the restaurant. I enquired about it and came to know that it is an initiative by Mr. Jimmy Mistry to help and support global leaders and entrepreneurs for their growth.

After having a memorable night in restaurant, we roamed around here and their to soak up ourselves in the beautiful night view.

The next morning was relaxed and calm with cold breeze and clouds in the morning hours. After 8 AM the clouds moved away leaving us with beautiful Sun shine. We refreshed ourselves with the glorious morning views and then packed up our stuff to leave for breakfast and then way back to home.

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